First post

So far I have enjoyed the course, it has been quite challenging in terms of drawing and sketching, however this is something I feel I have improved on, and hope to carry on improving by doing more drawing and sketching. The course has already had a huge impact on the way I design, this has lead me to design my first few object starting with the shape rather than their purpose which has led to a series of espresso cups which gradually become more twisted, an example ais shown below.Image

In terms of the time I haven’t  really found that I am bogged down with work as of yet, however I know that as we get into the workshops more I will spend far more time in so that I can learn the techniques and make my designs.  The hardest part of the course so far for me was the project crit.  I found it particularly uncomfortable to have everyone looking at my work. However this is something that I am sure I will get more comfortable with over time and I definitely see the use for it as it made me reflect on some of the cubes I had made and see how I could have improved them. The course has been quite a steep learning curve for me in some ways as I have never done an art class or worked in a sketchbook so learning this different way of working was at first daunting however I am now starting to become comfortable with and enjoy the freedom compared to the ways I worked before.  I found the first group tutorial really useful, initially I was dreading it as I knew I was going to have to show my sketchbook in front of everyone else and drawing is something I struggle with. However I found it really useful to see the ways other people worked and get people opinions my work. So far I am really enjoying the course especially the freedom which coming from a grammar school is very different way of working. I am looking forward to getting into more of the workshops especially the glass and ceramics workshops as these are mediums I have never worked with before and for the espresso cup the ceramic workshop is a particular interest


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