Mid Unit post

Since I have been inducted in more workshops and been able to use more materials and become more hands I have found the course even more enjoyable. This is because find that i come up with ideas in more easily when playing and experimenting with materials. For example I planed to make a twisted cube similar to that shown in my last blog out of copper, however, twice I messed up the folding lines, which at first was frustratingIMG_1333 IMG_1337 but i found the shapes I did make were interesting  and one looked like a piece of architectural sculpture, these two objects are shown to the left and right.

I have also become more confident in using my sketchbook come up with designs and also in conjunction with cad, to develop design and concepts, for example since our brief was to design things made from cubes, cuboids and cylinders I wondered if you could integrate two of these shapes to design an object. So I started thinking of creating a cylinder from cubes or a cube from cylinders. This is shown in the photo bellow from my sketchbook.

IMG_1328After this initial concept I started modelling the Idea in Rhino using the grasshopper add in I came up with the concept for a candle holder or even a vase depending on how it was Canvas at 17;56;31made. This model can be seen to the right and the grasshopper script can be seen to the left.cube cylinder

Finally, I have started bringing together some of the skills i have been taught over the last few weeks and have started designing a cup which would be made using the laser cutter, laminating and metal folding. I am yet to have properly drawn this object up however the page from my sketchbook below shows where the design comes from.


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