End of unit 1

Carrying on from my last point in my previous post, I have been in the CAM suite extensively using the laser cutter and 3D printer to models and then develop on these DSCF3642designs. I first went and booked to use the laser cutter to create a few models of the cup I Imagepreviously mentioned. I cut a series of different profiles from plywood and white acrylic which can be seen to the left and then layered them up in different patterns and offsetting them differently ( Three models can be seen to the right) . I liked this idea of layering up different materials to get patterns however i thought that just layering up vertically was a little boring so and predictable so next I decided i would layer up diagonally. However when exporting the files i forgot to click the keep scale button which meant the results where a lot bigger. The result was a much nicer object if you ask me, I think it would work well as a pen holder for a desk. And the colour of the object changes depending on the angle you look at it from because you either get the burnt wood which is very dark or the light none burnt face (The two models can be seen bellow )DSCF3645. I like this effect of the object having two faces depending on how you look at them and I would like to carry on experimenting with this concept. I also used the 3D printer to create a scale model of a design I did for a decanter (The model can be seen to the bellow).DSCF3638 I wanted to create a model for two reasons, firstly there was no way i could build the design with the limited skills i have in glass working and i wanted to get a real sense of it’s proportions, secondly I wanted to check if the object would stand once filled with liquid. The result was an object which would stand when filled and I really liked the proportions so I am glad I made it. So far I have really enjoyed the course and feel I have really learned a lot from Unit 1 and am looking forward to Unit 2 and the rest of the year 

Thanks for reading 



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