End of unit 2


brightend casting photo

Above you can see my final piece along with the mould I made and a previous casting this marks the end of unit 2. I am generally happy with the piece although the edges are brittle and there have been some air bubble in the surface which have left dimples. However I now know how to avoid this if I was to cast again so I think over this has been a success. One of my biggest successes was the two part mould I created, this was the first mould I have ever made and I chose to make quite a complicated mould which could have easily gone very wrong however the mould itself worked well. However in making and using the mould I have learned how I could develop it if I was to make another. For example I could have cut tapered holes in the bottom where the feet would sit, this would allow me to cast the feet into the design rather than having to glue them on. Also in future I need to remember to leave a clearance between pieces that slot together as I did have to spend a while sanding the edges of my mould down.  I am very happy with what I achieved in this project, although my end product isn’t fully functional I have learned a lot about both concrete casting and mould making I also realised that the main problem with my final product could be rectified if I just turned the mould upside down when casting, this would mean that the thin edges would be cast with gravity rather than just by using pressure. In terms of developing ideas initially I was reluctant to use sketching and drawing that extensively, however I eventually started drawing more and as a result I feel that my ideas developed a lot more easily and helped massively for me to develop my designs. Along with sketching I used modelling and testing to develop my designs. Firstly I made 3 full sized foam models to fully appreciate the size and proportions of my design, this was very useful as initially I was designing the dish far too small and so by being able to see it full sized I realised this. The testing I did consisted of 8 different concrete samples which helped me decide the concrete I needed to use, as well as the limitations of the concrete and so the limitations of my design, especially in terms of thickness. I think the two main things I have learned from this project is firstly the importance of sketching, and secondly not to over complicated designs, for the first half of the unit I was trying to design complicated interlocking concrete designs which may or may not have worked. In conclusion I am happy with the outcome of this unit, I have learned a lot about researching, designing, and making  and am now looking forward to the start of unit X


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