Tradition and innovation post 3

Throughout this unit I have found research has been key, as a result I have discovered quite a lot. The majority of these discoveries were in my contextual research, which has helped shaped my work, as well as my practice. For example because in this unit I chose to use 3D printing, and this is key was key to my work I have discovered a lot about the different technologies and the limitations of each. I think this is important as I feel my practice is going to mostly use modern manufacturing processes such as 3D printing. Also through a meeting with Danny Richards, I have learned about a program called Processing.  This is a Javascript based programming software which can be used to design objects through coding. I think that maybe in the future this is something that I will want to look at and learn as it could be very useful. However at the moment I am going to concentrate on developing my skills on grasshopper. Grasshopper is probably the thing I developed most on this unit and so I am starting to become a lot more fluent in writing scripts. This is allowing me to create much more interesting objects, and I believe these skill will become very useful in the future with my practice. Through my secondary research I have learned quite a lot about 3D printing ceramics, I would be quite interested in using this technique in the future as I think it will be an interesting mix between the modern and the traditional. Another 3D printing technique I have learned about is FDM (Fused deposition modelling) this is the most available technology to me, however I was not able to model some of my designs because of the need for support structure. If I am going to carry on using 3D printing I think I need to start creating links with companies with SLS (Selective lasers sintering) printers, as they produce higher quality prints more efficiently

I think my engagement with research this unit has been quite good and I have found it to be useful. My trips to oxford and London to look at galleries and museums proved quite inspiring and impacted upon my final piece. I think my contextual research was the most influential however as this research allowed my to further understand my design process and the process of manufacture I had chosen. I think that I may have benefited from doing more research earlier on in the project as it may have influence my ideas different. For example I didn’t really look into other materials to print in until nearer the end of the unit, if I had maybe I could have got a couple of test pieces printed. My experimentation with Grasshopper and the research I have done into that has probably had the greatest impact on my work. Grasshopper is something that I think will become integral within my practice, and so the research I have conducted in this unit along with future research will have a dramatic effect on the objects I design. I think I have struggled with evidencing my research and this is something I need to improve upon, so that I can revisit it something I have struggled with as a result of not keeping a record of it.

Final Lampshade Script

Final grasshopper script

I am quite happy with my choice of material and processes in this unit, I think 3D printing was very appropriate for the generative design I was doing as I wasn’t limited to objects I thought I could make. This approach was aided by the broadness of my research however I would have benefitted from doing some of the research a little bit earlier

My main motivation with in this unit was to innovate objects of intricacy through generative design, I think these motivations relate to my practice quite well, as I am focusing my practice upon generative design and modern manufacturing processes. This unit has allowed me to experiment a lot with generative design and as a result I have been able to learn a lot from this which I believe will have a great impact on my future practice.


My final outcome from this unit


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