Mid project unit 2

After my research I decided my focus for my project would be to design a piece of tableware from a material other than clay, and also as much as I could keep the cost down. I started to list materials that I could make tableware out of, with their pros and cons. My list included materials such as carbon fibre, resin and different woods and metals. However the material I decided to use was concrete. I soon realised I would need to research concrete casting and concrete in tableware quite extensively. I used numerous sources for research including calling suppliers of artisan concrete product to ask for advice for how to cast and the best materials for me to use. I also contacted a conservation professional to get advice on how well concrete would work in a moisture high environment. All of this information was invaluable, and along with research into other designer’s pieces it gave me a good idea of my limitations in terms of casting. My designs are being developed through a mixture of drawing and CAD modelling so that I can simultaneously develop my design and the mould. I have chosen to partake in the wood finishing workshop as I plan to make the legs of my design out of wood and would like to achieve a good finish on them. Other than this workshop I have spent a lot of time casting small amounts of concrete in different mixture so the concrete I make for my final cast is appropriate for its job. I have also spent time modelling using foam board which has helped me develop the right proportions for my dish. My design has lead me to need to create a two part mould, which although being far more complicated than a one part mould I feel will be worthwhile bellow you can see my design for my concrete bowl.




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